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22 Sep 2007

whoohoo, news!

I keep forgetting there's a 'news' section thingio.

... well, sorry about that there hiatus. I've had a whole pile of pages drawn up since Easter and never seemed to get around to lettering them until this week. But now I have and even managed to pencil a new page just today so things're moving again with 'Heritage'.

Why the hiatus? Well I passed jury and got into the Dragon*Con 2007 Art Show (... if you didn't already know I do a lot more illustration work than comic art, dragons being my main thing) so all my time and effort went into preparing for that and I was making an extra big effort since myself and my boyfriend were flying over from the UK to Atlanta for it! Good news is it went swimmingly well. I sold a whole buncha originals and prints and stuff and pretty much broke even, which is saying a lot given the cost of the hotel. Better than that though I met some thoroughly awesome people, which was nice :)

... anyway, yeah. I wasn't doing the comic 'cos I was busy but now D*C's done I've more time to work on stuff again.

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