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15 Feb 2007

Guess I should mention..

Since the 'Unseen' was only meant to be a short story I kinda skimmed over some important character points.
One here being that Blackjack doesn't normally get drunk 'on the job'. He's not stupid and letting your guard down like that in unfamiliar territory's usually a good way to get yourself shoved (never mind shufflled) off this mortal coil.
So why'd he get drunk and Soul nod off to sleep so readily? Here's the other kinda important thing - Tharleseers exude a certain 'aura' that caues potential victims to drop their guard and become too relaxed. Shade was the only one unaffected 'cos he's undead so psionic magic just don't work on him (and why didn't Raven do anything? 'cos it was a short story and the dracoliche woulda made for way too lengthy an explanation. ... oops. I'm gonna have ot explain Raven on here some time, aren't I?).

..end of lesson..

Well, 3 more pages to go and then it's on to 'Heritage' which is shaping up to be a much, much longer story...

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