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21 Jan 2007

Actual new post...

.. as opposed to the default one you get with yer account.

OK. So here I am on Smackjeeves (wonder what Jeeves&Woster(sp?) would've had to say about that?). And whereever I go so, invariable, go the Daemonslayers. I'm kicking off with a short story called 'The Unseen'. Although It's not the first DS comic I've done it's much better than any of my previous attempts.

Any thoughts, comments, critiques etc are more than welcome but don't get too attached to this drawing style because 'Heritage', my current story (I finished the Unseen back in summer 2006) uses a totally different technique :P


Sandy, 20 Feb 2007

Mind blowing! Love the action, and Black Jack's expressions. Instant five from me.

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