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ยป Comics - Heritage. Chapter2. Page09 - 07 Dec 2007

     Average Rating: 5.00


Author Comments:

Drakhenliche, 09 Dec 2007

Wish I had the time to colour every page... but alas my updates are slow enough as it is :D

Though Blackjack'd probably sooner die than admit out loud his loyalty to Shade and Soul (not in the least because in the kind of circles he's always lived in, such personal attachment is viewed as a weakness to be exploited), someone threatening them is a sure fire way to make him mad... Still, in the presence of an oversized b*stard like Ember, one needs to exercise restraint XD

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User Comments:

3borr, 08 Dec 2007

oh yea now in colour!

muffinpoodle, 08 Dec 2007

The colour looks AWESOME on this page, esp. the last panel.

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