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17 Apr 2008

Chapter 3!

Sorry about the hiatus! I'll try and keep the updates more regular now that I'm well under way with the art for this chapter.

17 Jan 2008


Sweet! Thank you to whomever initiated that! :-)

12 Jan 2008

Hello 2008

Happy new year and all that.

Not much to report. I'm working on the script for chapter 3 and have the first couple pages underway.

If anyone's interested I've got a couple of copies left (only 2, actually) of the first print run of Heritage Chapter 1. £2.40(ex.postage outside the UK).

In other news, I'm currently on a life drawing course so hopefully my figures will improve XD Also, if someone could tell me where the heck 2007 went so fast I'd appreciate it. Answers on a postcard please!

22 Sep 2007

whoohoo, news!

I keep forgetting there's a 'news' section thingio.

... well, sorry about that there hiatus. I've had a whole pile of pages drawn up since Easter and never seemed to get around to lettering them until this week. But now I have and even managed to pencil a new page just today so things're moving again with 'Heritage'.

Why the hiatus? Well I passed jury and got into the Dragon*Con 2007 Art Show (... if you didn't already know I do a lot more illustration work than comic art, dragons being my main thing) so all my time and effort went into preparing for that and I was making an extra big effort since myself and my boyfriend were flying over from the UK to Atlanta for it! Good news is it went swimmingly well. I sold a whole buncha originals and prints and stuff and pretty much broke even, which is saying a lot given the cost of the hotel. Better than that though I met some thoroughly awesome people, which was nice :)

... anyway, yeah. I wasn't doing the comic 'cos I was busy but now D*C's done I've more time to work on stuff again.

18 Mar 2007

not dead!

oops. Took me a while to get to start putting 'Heritage' up. But now here's the title page and after that away we go!

Also I stuck up a very brief character profile thing on the characters page. I'll replace it with proper mini bios (as opposed to the epic bios on the DS site :D) when I get the time.

24 Feb 2007

It's not over!

So, that was the last page of 'The Unseen' wot I uploaded last night. Not to worry though because there's lots more Daemonslayers to come :P (or maybe that is cause to worry?)!
Pretty soon I'll start uploading their current story, 'Heritage' though you'll find the artwork very different since it's in a completely different style *sweats a little* please don't kill me for it! :D

15 Feb 2007

Guess I should mention..

Since the 'Unseen' was only meant to be a short story I kinda skimmed over some important character points.
One here being that Blackjack doesn't normally get drunk 'on the job'. He's not stupid and letting your guard down like that in unfamiliar territory's usually a good way to get yourself shoved (never mind shufflled) off this mortal coil.
So why'd he get drunk and Soul nod off to sleep so readily? Here's the other kinda important thing - Tharleseers exude a certain 'aura' that caues potential victims to drop their guard and become too relaxed. Shade was the only one unaffected 'cos he's undead so psionic magic just don't work on him (and why didn't Raven do anything? 'cos it was a short story and the dracoliche woulda made for way too lengthy an explanation. ... oops. I'm gonna have ot explain Raven on here some time, aren't I?).

..end of lesson..

Well, 3 more pages to go and then it's on to 'Heritage' which is shaping up to be a much, much longer story...

21 Jan 2007

Actual new post...

.. as opposed to the default one you get with yer account.

OK. So here I am on Smackjeeves (wonder what Jeeves&Woster(sp?) would've had to say about that?). And whereever I go so, invariable, go the Daemonslayers. I'm kicking off with a short story called 'The Unseen'. Although It's not the first DS comic I've done it's much better than any of my previous attempts.

Any thoughts, comments, critiques etc are more than welcome but don't get too attached to this drawing style because 'Heritage', my current story (I finished the Unseen back in summer 2006) uses a totally different technique :P

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